Contribute to the WrigleyLBC Website

wrigley, long beach, ca

Want to be a contributor to the wrigleylbc site? Have a story to tell or want to let everyone know about your garden, dining experience, interesting neighbor, or just an event that is happening soon? Contact us and let’s get it going. If you can’t, but still want to submit something, then here is what we need: If it is an event or news item, then think of a Press Release that provides the reader with enough information so they want to go… where it is, when it is, who is presenting, and why they should be there! Include a description of the overall event or news item. Include any contact information as well. If it is an article about someone or something, or perhaps your most recent meal that you want to share, then give us a few hundred words and toss it into the form below. If you want to include images/pictures, they must be .jpeg format and 600w x 300h @72dpi. or use the form below.


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