Alley Clean Up Volunteers

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Alley Clean Up – Funded by a City Community Grant

How you can help to make Wrigley a cleaner and safer place to live? How about volunteering to help with one of the alley cleanups!

A clean alley is a safer alley – a clean alley is a better Wrigley. Join the Wrigley Alley Clean Team as we assist residents in cleaning alleys in Wrigley. We need about 40 volunteers, so come out and join us! Student volunteer hours will be signed for.

We meet at the alley from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on specified Saturdays (bi-monthly – 6 times a year). Tools, bags, and gloves are provided. You even get a T-Shirt!


Alley Clean Up Schedule to be announced. Check back with us soon! Use the form below to let us know if you are interested in volunteering.

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  • Dave Clark

    The grant was written address the ‘blighted’ section of Wrigley – of which is oddly defined. It has been discussed the possibility of cleaning alleys not in the blighted section as an extension of the grant. The grant provides us with tools, bags, and even t-shirts. The alley clean-up is bi-monthly – meaning 6 alleys a year (dates and alleys to be determined). Naturally, we can focus on the alleys in most need as well as the alleys where we would see the most long term benefit (staying clean or where the residents continue maintaining the alley). I have been told that if we pile the material from the alley at one end and that the City will come and pick it up when notified. Obviously, the more people who volunteer, the faster we can clean an alley and the further we can go on that alley (perhaps more than one block). I would love to see the alley clean-up coordinated with a block party to celebrate/promote the event and as a means to bring the community together.

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