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Barbara Sinclair – How to ‘Bee’ an Activist

Staff emerita Barbara Sinclair has always believed in activism through education. From 1994 to 2011, she lent her passion about women’s rights to the CSULB Women’s Resource Center as its office manager. “I’ve always been a feminist and a women’s activist,” Sinclair said. “It was just a perfect fit. In fact, my degree is in women’s studies (B.A., 1999), which I finished off with a fee waiver at CSULB. I just really wanted to help young women because I didn’t

Local Farmer Turns a City Dump into a Charming Urban Farm

Long littered with car bumpers, scrap metal and trash, a land plot in Long Beach, California has been transformed into an enchanting petite urban farm. There, everything is organically grown and tended to the old fashioned way— by hand, without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Farmer and founder Sasha Kanno has built a successful enterprise with the help of grants, donations and a team of community volunteers. Long Beach Local, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is an agriculture-based operation focused

Mark Chervinsky – Filmmaker

Mark Chervinsky is a filmmaker, has a 12 handicap @ golf, and enjoys a cocktail or two. He pays his bills by cutting the crap you watch on TV. As an editor and cinematographer, he is best known for I Love New York (2007), The Sophisticated Misfit (2007) and At What Cost? Anatomy of Professional Wrestling (2014). His company makes feature films and television programming. Currently he is making a Wrestling documentary called “At What Cost.” In the past he