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Mini-Trad Mysteries – Pantry, Service Porch; Can YOU help?

This is the first in a series of posts about some of the odd and unusual mysteries that my husband and I are discovering as we attempt to bring our 1948 home back to some of its former retro glory! It’s adapted from a post on my blog, The Moderne Hausfrau. When it came time to buy our house, I had—like most shoppers—a very keen idea of exactly what I wanted. We found that house, too.  But it wasn’t meant to

DIY Vegetable Garden

wrigley, long beach, ca

Have limited space, but want to have a vegetable garden? Here is what we did on our driveway with less than $100 in materials. We built two boxes – one taller for the bottom and the other smaller for the top. The top box has an open bottom allowing for water to drain down into the bottom box. The bottom box also has an open bottom allowing excess water to drain out. To keep the soil from falling out of