River Finds a Home


River was first noticed living the Los Angeles riverbed during the summer of 2013.  She was extremely emaciated and struggling to survive. Several people tried to earn her trust and catch her but she was obviously scared of people and very smart. It took a community effort but she was finally rescued in July 2014.

River is a very sweet girl who doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body but she is very scared of people. She is currently being fostered by Noah’s Bark Animal Rescue and has made great improvements since being in a home environment. However, because of her bad experiences with people, and lack of social skills, River needs professional training in order for her to gain confidence and blossom into the great, well-adjusted dog that we know she can be.

4c6d3ade-2b8d-4a5c-a0f2-b3023d1c8ea6Along with training, River also needs veterinary care. River has obviously had puppies in the past and will need to be spayed as soon as possible. In addition to her spay, because she was living in a riverbed in less than sanitary conditions, she will also need to be fully vetted, including all vaccinations, as well as heartworm and Giardia tested.

Please consider contributing to our Rescuing River fund and help this well deserving girl know that not all people are bad.

– See more at: Rescuing River

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