Live Honeybee Rescue – Save Those Bees!

wrigley, long beach, ca

Honeybees are welcome guests as they go from flower to flower pollinating the plants in your garden. Finding a hive in your fuse box, compost bin, or a swarm descending from the sky and settling into you lime tree, however, can be a bit intimidating. We can help. If you have a swarm or beehive that needs rescuing please contact us via mail. Please leave your phone number, your general location (cross streets and city) and what you know about the bee situation. If you can take a picture that can really help us determine if we can help you. We are a club and would like to help but some situations are better dealt with by a professional. We look forward to hearing from you.

Long Beach Beekeepers

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  • Heather Rawlins

    I have a huge bee nest !!! In a palm tree in my building. I need to know if you can come out and remove it today. I need it removed , because I have 18 units here, and can not have bee’s flying around. Please let me know if you can come today 3-4-17 and remove. Otherwise I need to call my exterminator company to remove. 562-961-3123 .

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